My Rating System

5⭐️ Amazing, wonderful, fantastic. Would always recommend, would happily re-read, and would purchase if I don’t already own it. The best of the best in terms of story, writing, characters and overall impact!

4.5 ⭐️ Almost as good as a 5! Would still always recommend. Might have had slight issues with some aspect of the book, but would still gladly re-read and would purchase. Far and above an average “good.”

4⭐️ Good-very good. Most books I enjoy fall into this category. I would still almost always recommend them, but some are stronger than others. Good writing, engaging stories, enjoyable in general.

3.5 ⭐️ This rating is a little trickier, because it is one of two things: 1) It was decent but not engaging, had some issues and felt it was generally just okay OR 2) Writing was good, but it just wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, sometimes when I go outside my comfort zone, books will fall into this category (see: YA Fantasy) I can see how others might like them, but they just weren’t interesting to me. Probably had to force myself to finish for this reason.

3 ⭐️ Meh. Not great and probably had to force myself to read these too. Had some potential, but had lots of problems, wasn’t believable, or was just boring. Would not probably recommend.

2.5 ⭐️ Slightly better than terrible, but not by much. Maybe there were passages I enjoyed, but overall did not like and wouldn’t recommend.

2⭐️ Ick. The worst rating I personally give. Not good at all, probably made me angry and if I was the type to DNF often, that would’ve been a given. Probably wish I could have all of the time I spent reading it back.

1⭐️ You won’t see this, because I just feel like this rating is too mean. They managed to get it published and I chose to read it. Just feel like this is too disrespectful to the fine people who publish books!